Welcome to Pattishall Church of England Primary School

Welcome to Pattishall Church of England Primary School

Welcome to Pattishall Church of England Primary School Welcome to Pattishall Church of England Primary School Welcome to Pattishall Church of England Primary School

Coronavirus Risk Assessment and Management Plan

Coronavirus Risk Assessment Pattishall (pdf)


We love our school - and know that you will too!


A little gem set in a beautiful, rural location

Just 15 minutes west of Northampton, 15 minutes east of Brackley, 7 minutes north of Towcester and 15 minutes south of Daventry, our small school with big ambition is a hop-skip and a jump from the A5. Our school is set in the heart of tranquil sheep fields, yet close to a busy commuter route. 



Mrs McLean's favourite thing to do is show people around our school! Call Clare or Jane to book your tour today. 


Come and see us in action!

We are so proud of our school - we want to share the wonderful work we are doing in our community with you! 

This Term's Value



Our core value is love. But this half term, we are looking at TRUST. Our Year 6 Worship Team will be leading Collective Worship on Thursdays - keep an eye on our Twitter feed for updates. 



Our vision

Our Values and our Rules

Our Values and our Rules

 It is our mission is to build a happy, safe learning environment; where whoever you are, wherever you’re from and whatever your starting point, we will nurture you, love you and work with you - so that you leave us knowing that you can change the world, as we grow together in God’s love.  

1 Corinthians 16: 13-14


Our Values and our Rules

Our Values and our Rules

Our Values and our Rules


THINK: We are thoughtful

CARE: We are caring and kind 

SEEK: We persevere with courage 

BUILD: We co-operate 

RESPECT: We respect everyone 

And everything we do, is done with LOVE. 

Our Learning


Our learning is exciting!

We work tirelessly to create exciting  opportunities in order to enable children to remember their learning experiences. 

This includes ensuring balance between their academic, physical, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development. 


We have a carefully crafted curriculum

Our curriculum allows for ample opportunities to make connections between different aspects of learning. 

Every lesson builds on the last.


Everyone is the best they can be!

At Pattishall Church of England Primary School, we tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of all learners, ensuring that no one is left behind and everyone fulfils their potential. 

We discover talents and nurture them so every child is ready for the next step. 

About Us


Reading is the key to learning

Reading is the key to learning

Reading is the key to learning

We focus on making sure everyone is a reader before they turn six. It has been proven that children who read independently by this time have better developed working memory, which makes retaining instructions easier. 

And, if you can read with understanding, you can teach yourself anything. What a gift! 


Wider opportunities

Reading is the key to learning

Reading is the key to learning

We regularly take part in sporting competitions against local schools and have sports coaches delivering PE sessions during and after school. 

NMPAT provide peripatetic music lessons on site during the school day; we have a choir that regularly performs locally and we hold a Songs of Praise Collective Worship every Wednesday. 

As well as hosting touring theatre companies and visiting the Panto each year, we also put on two full scale productions, performed by the children. 


Further afield

Reading is the key to learning

Further afield

In Key Stage Two, your child will have the amazing experience of a residential trip to an outdoor, adventurous activity centre - not once, but twice! 

Last year we visited the Kingswood Activity Centres on the Isle of Wight  (Years 5 and 6) and at Staffordshire (Years 3 and 4). 

We also carefully plan trips and visits to support our learning through each topic that the children study. 

Growing Together in God's Love


We are a Church School

Pattishall is a Church of England (Voluntarily Controlled) Primary School for children aged 4 to 11 is situated in the heart of the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside. Our Parish Church is Holy Cross and we also have strong connections to the Ascote Methodist Chapel. 


Recognising its historic foundation, as recorded in the school’s Trust Deed by Thomas Young (dated 1664) and established on its present site by Andrew Percival, George Henry Percival and Thomas Aris in 1897, the school will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England.  This includes respecting other Christian denominations and faiths, in partnership with the Church.


Pattishall Church of England Primary School aims to serve the villages of Pattishall, Eastcote, Astcote, Dalscote, Cold Higham, Grimscote and other local communities, by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.

Attendance Matters


100% Attendance = 100% Chance

Learning is a gradual, progressive process

Learning is the formation and development of neural pathways in the brain. 

If a new neural pathway isn't used within 24 hours, it is reabsorbed into the body and the skill has to be learnt again. 

If there are gaps in attendance, there will be gaps in learning as vital connections between pathways will be missed. 

Your child's learning journey is carefully planned so that these connections can be made every day for 190 days a year.  

We start at 8.45am and finish at 3.15pm

5 minutes late a day equates to 3 days out of 190 lost each academic year. 

10 minutes late is 6.5 days lost. 

15 minutes late is 10 days of education lost. 

Being late can lead to anxiety and feeling unsettled. Arriving after registration may also result in an unauthorised absence.

Letter from the Head Teacher

Letter from Emma McLean (pdf)