Year 4

Mrs Jo Green

Year 4 Class Teacher

Our Christian Symbol

St Peter's keys to Heaven 

In the Gospel of Matthew 16:19, Jesus says to Peter, "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven.

Miss Charlotte Spuffard

Teaching Assistant 

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Welcome to Year Four


This term in Topic we have been looking at Language throughout time. We started our journey by looking at how our British language has developed throughout the country leaving us with very interesting dialects! We moved on to looking at how people told stories sing pictures in the Stone Age as they had not developed any written language at this time. We had a go at making our own story stones and using them to tell our own Stone Age stories. We then looked at Anglo-Saxon runes and Egyptian Hieroglyphs and used the two different languages to write our own names and other phrases. 


As our topic this term has been Language, our English work has fitted in really nicely! Before half term, we looked a lot at Myths and Legends and how stories were based down through word of mouth. The children all wrote their own myths which we told using home made props. This inspired some of the children in our class to write their very own theatre production of Peter Pan! A group of children planned, wrote, directed, rehearsed, clothed and performed the production completely independently!

Arabian Nights

This half term, we have focused on the book One Thousand and One Nights which is set in Arabia. Stories such as Ali Baba, Aladdin and Sinbad all originate from this book and we have really enjoyed learning about their different languages, traditions and cultures. Next stop, Shakespeare! 

Curriculum Jigsaw

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End of Year Expectations

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