Year 2

Miss Amy Hornett


Class Teacher

Mrs Sally Taylor


Teaching Assistant

Monday - Wednesday

Mrs Rose South


Teaching Assistant

Thursday - Friday

Mrs Claire Mills



PPA - Thursday AM

Mr Adam Kirkup


S4A Sports Coach

Our Christian Symbol


The Star

Welcome to Year 2!



Welcome to Year 2! 

I am so excited to begin the new academic year and this year we have some great topics lined up, including some of my favourites. 

  I can't wait to see what this year brings - keep checking this page for updates.

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Our Curriculum

This year we have some super topics lined up:

 Autumn: Great and Ghastly Events

Spring: Amazing Places and Spaces in the UK

Summer: Farm to Fork

Each term this page will be updated with the curriculum information for our latest topic, so you can see what we are learning.

In the files below is also other curriculum information such as year group expectations, our long term English and Maths plans, and some information on end of key stage assessments (also known as SATs). 

If you've ever any questions - please do not be afraid to pop in and ask!

Year 2 Spring Term Curriculum



We will be using Book Talk to improve our skills in reading - making predictions, retrieving answers and making inferences.

We will explore texts by well-known British authors such as Anthony Browne and Roald Dahl. 

Whilst reading these we will be learning how to use punctuation such as commas in a list and apostrophes for contracted forms, using subordination and coordination and adverbs to enhance description. We will write for a range of purposes - both real and fictional. 



• Multiplication and Division

• Statistics

• Properties of shape

• Fractions

• Measuring length and height



• Observe seasonal changes.

• Study the habitats of British Wildlife

• Study the main features of plants and trees

• Examine the food chains in the British countryside.



This term we are going on a journey of the Amazing Places and Spaces in the United Kingdom, exploring different localities that compare and contrast with our local area.

In Geography, we will learn about the countries and capitals of the UK including their  National days such as Burns Night and St George's Day. We will also look at some of the key landmarks across the country. We will also do a local area study to find out more about the geography of Pattishall. 

We will also create artwork such as drawings and paintings of the areas we study and create sculptures inspired by those we study.




Spring 1: What do Christians believe God is like?

Spring 2: Who is Jewish and how do they live?


Spring 1: Dreams and Goals

Includes goal-setting, aspirations and resilience building 

Spring 2: Healthy Me

We will focus on self-esteem and confidence as well as healthy lifestyle choices including healthy eating and exercise. 

Wider Curriculum



Spring 1: Hockey & Dance

Spring 2: Netball & Badminton



Rock Band - creating instruments, adding sound and layering music 

Ghostbusters - adding events and conditions for catching ghosts


Spring 1: “I wanna play in a band”

In this unit we will learn about singing and playing together in an ensemble.

We will listen to and appraise classic rock songs throughout. 

Spring 2: "Zootime"

We will listen to and appraise reggae music before learning a reggae song. We will learn to compose and play instruments with the song.

Kinetic Letters


Last year we introduced Kinetic Letters as our chosen approach to teaching handwriting and I'm glad to say we'll be continuing this year. It helps us make our bodies stronger, hold our pencil correctly, and form our letters using six key movements. 

There is some information and ideas for helping at home in the files at the bottom of the page for your information. 

The children really enjoy learning letter formations in different ways and we've seen such an improvement already. We are so proud of the children for their hard work!

Curriculum Information

Key Stage 1 SATs information VIDEO (mp4)


Kinetic Letters at home (pdf)


Autumn 2019 Curriculum Jigsaw (pdf)


English Long Term Plan Y2 (pdf)


Maths Long Term Plan Y2 (pdf)


End of Year Expectations

End of Year Expectations Y2 2018 (doc)