School Council 2018-2019

Our School Council

The aim of Pattishall's School Council is to:

• Benefit the whole school.

• Give pupils a chance to express their views to the staff of the school.

• Pupils can have an input on important decisions.

• Pupils develop confidence, communication skills and organisational skills.

The School Council this year is made up of 14 class reps. These are children that have been elected by their class to represent them. We have 2/3 class reps from each class, from Year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The School Council is overseen and supported by Miss Hornett and Mrs Green.

The class reps are responsible for sharing their opinions and thoughts with the rest of the council, keep any important notes and report any developments back to the other children (and the teacher!) in their class.

We now meet every other Wednesday and discuss projects, problems, progress and plans. We will also be responsible for leading this years Remembrance Service at Holy Cross Church in November.

We have great ideas!

We make the school a better place!


Every time we meet, we take minutes to record what has been discussed. 

September 2017 (pdf)


October 2017 (pdf)


3rd November 2017 (pdf)


29th November 2017 (pdf)


18th January 2018 (pdf)


24th January 2018 (pdf)


7th February 2018 (pdf)


26 February 2018 (pdf)


2nd May 2018 (pdf)


SC Minutes 26th November 2018 (docx)